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Reliable shredding made simple to secure your peace of mind

DOCUMENT SHREDDING From same or next day service to on- and off-site pickups, our professional shredding ensures absolute protection of your confidential information.

HARD DRIVE DESTRUCTION Send your hard drives through our industrial strength shredder and destroy the physical components to bits. This is a thorough and cost effective way to ensure your data is inaccessible.

SECURE X-RAY DESTRUCTION As your one stop for secured document destruction, we can assist you with shredding and/or recycling different types of x-ray films.

Shredder Console.jpg


  • standard console 36"

  • dead bolt lock & slide
    slot for material shredding

  • usable space on top
    for printer, fax machine,
    and other items


Locked Bin.jpg


  • standard bins are 64 and 96 gallons

  • great for mailrooms, warehouses, etc.

  • each bin comes with a lock which you and Gaeta have a key to



  • fits comfortably under a desk & is fully locked

  • 24" (16 Gallons)
    holds approx. 50 lbs 11"W x 20"D x 24"H

  • 27" (20 Gallons)
    holds approx. 55 lbs. 11"W x 20"W x 27"H

  • 30" (23 Gallons)
    holds approx. 60 lbs. 11"W x 20"D x 30"H

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