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Find a home for your residential and commercial waste

Make sure that your trash ends up at the right place by bringing it to Gaeta Recycling’s transfer station for recycling or disposal. When you bring your unwanted items to our transfer station, know that we aim to recycle as much material as possible to help protect the local environment. Trade waste including cardboard, asphalt, wood, glass, plastics and metals can all be disposed of here in a cost-effective and completely legal manner. Please call ahead for fees and hours for drop off before visiting our transfer station - 973-278-6625.


Gaeta Recycling Co, Inc. is licensed to process 400 tons of waste and recyclables per day. We are currently undertaking the expansion of our facilities in two separate phases. Phase one is underway and includes the construction of a new recycling facility which will allow us to process an additional 300 tons of waste per day. Bringing our overall daily capacity to 700 tons. We are also exploring the development of phase two in which we look to expand and renovate one of our existing transfer stations to allow our capacity an additional 500 tons per day. Upon completion this will allow us the ability to process 1200 tons on a daily basis. 



For your protection, Gaeta Recycling requires that you wear a hard hat and safety vest when visiting the transfer station. You can also conveniently purchase the personal protection equipment that is required on-site at our facility. Visit us at 278 West Railway Ave, Paterson, NJ.


At Gaeta Recycling, we operate our own state certified Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) which allows us to separate the waste collected and recycle more in order to significantly decrease the volume of material going to our local landfills.


  • Asbestos

  • Medical waste

  • Septic waste

  • Radioactive materials

  • Compressed gas cylinders

  • Oil

  • Anti-freeze

  • Paint

  • Fire arms

  • Ammunition

  • Shells

  • Flammable Material

  • Air Conditioners

  • Compressors

  • Cars

  • Pesticides

  • Oil Filters

  • CRTs

  • Mercury switches

  • Air bags

  • Fluorescent lights

  • Lead

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